Bamboo Industries are the distributors and importers of the superior quality bamboo flooring products. Bamboo Industries specialises in strand woven bamboo flooring. The strand woven bamboo flooring is the latest manufacturing process for producing one of the world’s durable, strongest and most beautiful flooring products.

Bamboo Industries has a substantial stock of the wide range of products and colour variations and delivers to any location across Australia. Bamboo Industries takes pride in offering the best quality and variety of products. Bamboo Industries also provides bamboo accessories and finishing products like bench tops, stair noses, reducers and many more.

Bamboo Industries uses a new method of bamboo flooring. The method is all about taking strands of bamboo and fusing them together using pressure, heat and a non-toxic solution. The method used by Bamboo Industries produces environmental friendly floors where nothing is wasted in the manufacturing process.

Another benefit of the strand woven bamboo flooring adopted by Bamboo Industries is that the colouration runs fully throughout the entire floor. The end result is a beautiful bamboo floor that has a wood flooring appearance. The bamboo floor from Bamboo Industries is extremely durable. Bamboo Industries serves a great purpose for builders, decorators and homeowners.