Bamboo Industries ensures proper bamboo installation which will ultimately improve the look and longevity of the floors. Prior to installations, Bamboo Industries ensures that all floors are up to Australian standards which specify a maximum 3 millimetres fall over 3 metres.

Bamboo Industries uses bamboo in its manufacturing process because of its numerous benefits like it is a great natural resource, major CO2 converter, ecologically sustainable, super strong and requires less care than any other conventional hardwood flooring.

For direct stick installations, Bamboo Industries adopts a moisture test as warranties are void if there is moisture in the slab. Bamboo Industries even recommends a professional installer to the customers. Bamboo Industries also adopts janka hardness test to measure the hardness of the bamboo.

Bamboo Industries suggests removal of any plaster, oil, paint, wax or dirt from the base floor before installation. If there are skirting boards or any previous adhesives, Bamboo Industries also suggests customers to remove them and replace them once bamboo flooring is done.

The customers need to ensure that they vacuum all areas before unpacking boxes and use glue with hundred per cent urethane. It is also recommended by Bamboo Industries to clamp or fix bamboo floors at regular intervals during installation. This flooring can be installed over concrete, plywood, radiant heat, existing tiles and hardwood.