Bamboo Flooring Australia  provides bamboo flooring products by combining the superior hardware qualities of bamboo as well as retaining its natural beauty. Bamboo Flooring Australia offers the flooring products of standard length, having various thicknesses. These flooring products are durable and hence can be used for a long period of time.

Bamboo flooring produced by Bamboo Flooring Australia is unique because it shows colour variations when laid on the floor. These floorings need not be coated or sanded. Bamboo Flooring is also found to have good strength and stability. In addition, it is also resistant to termite attack and can withstand heavy traffic and spills.

Bamboo Flooring Australia supplies ISO9001 certified hardwood flooring products. Usage of bamboo has several other advantages. It is eco friendly and ecologically sustainable. Bamboo processing is also non toxic and a waste free process.

Bamboo flooring offered by Bamboo Flooring Australia can be installed very easily and quickly. The flooring is also made readily available. These flooring boards can be placed directly to a concrete slab or even nailed to plywood. Bamboo flooring should be cleaned regularly using a soft brush or an electrostatic dust mop. Bamboo flooring is ideal for corporate offices, hotels, clubs and homes.