Bamboo Flooring Australia  supply a premium bamboo flooring product, sourced from China, with ISO9001 & ISO14000 accreditation. 

This surface combines hardware qualities with the natural beauty of bamboo. This is supplied as standard length boards of various thicknesses - 12mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. Solid bamboo fibre has an integrity that endures over time.

Like timber, bamboo flooring shows variations in colour across the laid floor. And it has an advantage in that sanding and sealing is not required on installation. With its quality finish and natural ambience, bamboo flooring is ideal for corporate offices, retail spaces, hotels, clubs, and the residential market.

Bamboo flooring is strong, dense and stable. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable product. It is a grass that reaches maturity after four to six years when it is selectively harvested in managed groves. Its growth cycle is ongoing and rapid. No trees are felled, no forests depleted and the manufacturing process is non-toxic and waste free.

Installation is quick and easy. Boards can be adhered directly to concrete slabs, or secret nailed to plywood, bearer and joist subfloor. Alternatively, it is also available as a floating floor. Like any hardwood floor, bamboo flooring needs to be cleaned often with a soft brush or electrostatic dust mop. Scuffs can be lightly sanded and recoated.