Mosowood Uniclic Patented Flooring Systems from Bamboo and Timber Select are quick and easy to install. There is also no waiting period before you can use these flooring systems, they can be walked on straight away. No glues or nails are needed for installation and hence they are perfect for the DIY handy person.

These types of flooring systems are highly recommended for use over concrete sub-floors and they come with a 9 out of 10 Stiletto rating.

When installed with Mosowood's 'R' rated moisture resistant thermal acoustic underlay they are an ideal flooring system to use in high-rise apartments where noise reduction functionality is important.

These flooring systems come with a polished semi-gloss finish and a choice of distressed or smooth look. They are also available as a raw fine-sanded finish ready for staining or oiling.

The floor systems are easy to repair and can be taken apart, stored and re-used in the future. They are also suitable for use in high traffic areas and come in two different colour ranges:

Town and Country
A range of eight colours with a finish of polished semi-gloss only. One of the colour range called High Country also comes in unfinished.

Landscape Colours
A range of four different colours with a finish of polished semi-gloss only.

Mosowood Uniclic Patented Flooring Systems are durable, renewable and sustainable. Please visit Bamboo and Timber Select's website for more information on their complete range of flooring and other products.