Balmain Guarantee  offers vendor finance to resellers, suppliers and vendors. Balmain Guarantee offers a finance partnership programme where one can provide total solutions to their clients. The finance partnership programme enables the vendor to make effective sales by offering monthly or quarterly instalment options to their clients, instead of going for bulk payment.

Balmain Guarantee offers all types of equipment finance including rental, lease and hire purchase options. While most business finances are secured against property, Balmain Guarantee offers flexible debtor finance. Balmain Guarantee offers debtor finance which offers a number of benefits. For instance, facilities do not require real estate security, and the facilities limit automatically increases with growth in debtors and turnover. Persons can also benefit by borrowing more against their business asserts, and addition finance can be used for growth, creditor discounts or acquisitions.

In addition to providing vendor and debtor financial services, Balmain Guarantee also offers equipment finance and leasing options. Balmain Guarantee offers equipment finance against plant and machinery, leasing and commercial hire purchase, IT and communications, fit out and refurbishment and vehicles. Balmain Guarantee also provides contract performance guarantee, lease guarantee and deposit guarantee.