Balmain Guarantee  offers contract guarantee facilities which are designed for contractors who offer either cash retentions or guarantees to their clients. Guarantee facilities from Balmain Guarantee is an alternative form of security to back guarantee and cash deposits which tie up capital or security.

Balmain Guarantee offers lease guarantee to businessmen who lease commercial properties. Lease guarantee offers security to the lessor against default on the lessee’s part. Balmain Guarantee offers deposit guarantee which replaces the cash or bank guarantee while purchasing real estate property. Balmain Guarantee offers bonds for commercial property purchases. The bonds are offered for certain parameters.

Balmain Guarantee offers inventory finance which provides a means to borrow additional funds to buy stocks or inventory from the suppliers. Balmain Guarantee offers inventory finance which does not demand real estate equity or pre-sold stock. Inventory finance increases the purchasing power and allows the option of growth and flexibility in the business.

In addition to providing contract guarantees, lease guarantees, deposit guarantees and bonds, Balmain Guarantee also provides vendor finance and equipment finance services. Balmain Guarantee offers vendor finance to resellers, suppliers and vendors.