Balmain Guarantee  specialises in providing business loans that do not require real estate security. From small enterprises to large corporations, Balmain Guarantee provides loans for various sectors. Balmain Guarantee is a national and independent lender.

Balmain Guarantee settles its loan processing quickly and provides premium service before and after loan settlement. Balmain Guarantee has unique funding lines and professional staff to serve business of all sizes. Balmain Guarantee meets all business financial needs.

Balmain Guarantee offers inventory finance, debtor finance, equipment finance and vendor finance. Balmain Guarantee offers equipment finance which is ideal for those persons who are planning to buy equipment for their business and want full ownership at the end of the finance period. Balmain Guarantee offers chattel mortgage agreement. During the term of the agreement, the financier will own the equipment, whereas the ownership will be atomically transferred to the customer at the end of the final payment.

Balmain Guarantee offers leasing options which provides a number of benefits. Through leasing option, customers can return the equipment without attracting any penalty, or can buy the equipment at fair market value. One also has the option to upgrade the equipment or continue to lease to suit specific needs.