BallTech Australia  delivers an energy efficient solution for commercial chillers and industrial heat exchangers system. A trouble-free innovation that keeps the heat exchanger tubes perpetually clean which lead to energy saving, reducing downtime necessary for mechanical cleaning and reducing the usage of chemicals and hazards acids.

BallTech Australia is an innovative company, specialising in providing an energy efficient solution to the Australasian market. Global warming awareness is growing among everyone since past two decades. This has lead to the development of creating effective solutions that would enhance the energy efficiency, reduce wastage of energy resources, saving water, and protect natural resources by being economical.

Among the large commercial sectors and public sectors, water cooled chiller accounts for over half of the energy consumption. BallTech Australia provides effective solution to reduce chiller energy, chemical consumption, water consumption and has reduced the chiller maintenance cost. BallTech Australia also offers ten tips for everyone in improving the chiller efficiency.