BallTech Australia  distributes effective and reliable energy efficient solution for industrial heat exchangers system. BallTech Australia is an innovative company, specialising in providing an energy efficient solution to the Australasian market.

BallTech system recognised world wide since 1995 as the only single solution that reduce chillers energy, water and chemical consumption and cut the chiller maintenance cost. BallTech Australia also provides valuable solution to minimise the chiller energy, chemical consumption and water consumption. The company offers cost effective maintenance charge for chiller maintenance. As among the large commercial sectors and public sectors, water cooled chiller accounts for over half of the energy consumption.

BallTech Australia offers an on- line cleaning automated system for commercial chillers and heat exchangers. As chillers are highly prone to fouling accumulation in the condenser tube despite of any water treatment process being used, BallTech Australia has professional team to deal with this type of with water cooled chillers.

The on- line cleaning system from BallTech Australia employees Hydro – mechanical principals and fitted to the condenser water pipe. Since 2004 BallTech Australia has been the sole representative for the BallTech systems in both Australia and New Zealand.