BalconyLiving  specialises in transforming balcony or outdoor room into a beautiful and innovative oasis by including water features, outdoor furniture, garden art, planters, fires and shades. Terrill Riley-Gibson, proprietor of BalconyLiving, is an award-winning interior designer and offers an unusual range of products and high quality customer service.

BalconyLiving offers a wide range of outdoor furniture which includes stainless steel outdoor table setting, sofa table, console chair, coffee table and lamp table. BalconyLiving provides elegant outdoor furniture that is stylish yet functional. The coffee table and the lamp table are hand welded and have hand-bent stainless steel frame. The tables are made of rosewood and have 12 millimetres clear glass with tipped corners. BalconyLiving supplies furniture which is available in a variety of colours. All furniture supplied by BalconyLiving is made in Australia.

BalconyLiving offers a range of planters and pots which includes concrete planters, illuminated bloom pots, pebble planters, antique style pot, stone pot, carved pot and carved stone planter. BalconyLiving also offers an exclusive range of water features, shades, awnings, sculptures, garden art, homeware, outdoor decoration, EcoSmart fires and shades.