Balcony Bars  offers balcony bars which are produced from strong 8 millimetre clear Perspex material. The bar top sits 18 centimetres below the top of the balustrade. This helps in reducing risk of items being knocked over balcony.

Balcony Bars offers balcony bars which are easy to clean and maintain. Balcony bars prevents people from leaning over the balcony railing and are also available in 1.2 millimetres stainless steel. Balcony bars can easily slide onto the railing and do not require any fixtures or fittings. To get maximum results, persons should not sit, lean or stand on the balcony bar. Balcony bar needs to be removed during windy conditions or when not in use.

Balcony-Bars offers balcony bar stools which can comfortably fits 2 stools. Balcony bars can be complimented with matching white bar stools. The bar stools measure 30 centimetres and 76 centimetres in width and height respectively. The bar stools are made of aluminium frame and plastic seat. Balcony-Bars offers balcony bars which are available in two models such as Perspex balcony bar and stainless steel balcony bar. Balcony bars can be fitted to most straight balustrades that are longer than 1.2 meters with round, square, rectangular, and uniquely shaped handrails.