Baines Masonry Blocks are happy to introduce the Tasman retaining wall. The easy to construct dry-stacked design works with each block simply locking onto the one above, forming an attractive structural retaining wall.

The flexible Tasman retaining wall has a classic sandstone design and is straight forward to install as either a straight or curved wall thanks to the purpose made corners and capping units.

The retaining walls are designed so that you can do-it-yourself; near vertical walls can be easily erected without the need for concrete footings.

The purpose made corner blocks make it simple to achieve 90 degree angles and the capping units give a polished finish to the reconstructed retaining walls.

The Tasman retaining walls are designed to maximise all available space, with each block requiring a set back of just 10mm.

The retaining walls are available in a range of 8 attractive colours and are manufactured with a water repellent admixture for enhanced product quality.