Designers looking to create distinctive highly finished walls in their projects rely on honed and polished blocks from Baines Masonry Blocks to achieve their design goals.

Baines Masonry’s honed and polished blocks are supplied made to order for each individual project. This ensures that all the blocks are produced and sourced from the same batch, resulting in consistency in quality, texture and colour.

Available in 90mm, 140mm and 190mm thicknesses, Baines Masonry’s blocks come in a broad colour palette to create distinctive wall design features and complement any existing design. The colour palette includes Appin Stone, Charcoal, Oakdale, Penrose, Bushrock and Opal White.

Made from denser material, Baines Masonry’s blocks are honed and polished to order at their factory, ensuring quality.

Honed blocks

Honed blocks have their face ground off to expose the aggregates in the product, resulting in a subtle matt-like finish. Aggregates can also be chosen to contrast with the product’s matrix colour.

Polished blocks

Polished blocks are highly finished blocks achieved through a process that involves honing the face off, and then polishing the honed face with finer polishing heads. Being considerably more expensive than the honed range, polished blocks are often used to great effect to highlight details or create stunning entrance and feature walls.

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