The luxury homes of the Hamptons in the United States have inspired residential architecture worldwide including in Australia. Often considered the benchmark of elegant home design with a coastal vibe, the Hamptons style is all about hues of white and muted nautical shades against natural textures and finishes, interspersed with pops of colour.

The StoneFace block system from Baines Masonry Blocks was specified by Royals Landscaping in the Roseville Project to emulate the Hamptons look, creating a distinctive aesthetic that complements the natural Australian landscape.

For this project, StoneFace masonry blocks were featured in Opal White, a colour chosen for its neutral white tones and natural finish, evoking a sense of casual beachside luxury in a suburban setting. The muted colour palette complements the subtle blues of the natural sky and the soft greys of the residential building emphasising the luxurious feel.

The natural stone finish of the StoneFace block wall system provides the perfect outline to the surrounding landscape, highlighting the open spaces and freshly manicured yard. These masonry blocks serve as a neutral backdrop to the residence, while also providing a unique design element that offsets the natural flora.

The horizontal pattern of the natural stones complements the weatherboard style of the upper level of the home. In true Hamptons style, the natural textures of the stone complement the wooden exterior, white-hued patios and white façade materials that outline the windows and doors.

The versatility of the StoneFace block wall system ensures a cohesive design throughout the property. StoneFace blocks enhance and define outdoor spaces, from the garden beds that efficiently utilise the various levels of the front yard, to the retaining walls framing the backyard.

The Hamptons appeal of the StoneFace block wall system provides a level of refinement to the Roseville residence that also fits in well with the Australian landscape, complete with its open spaces, natural environment and coastal influence.