The use of fire-resistant building materials in construction can reduce the risk and impact of fire on the structure and keep its occupants safe.

Keeping in mind the importance of safety in the design and construction of buildings, Baines Masonry Blocks has developed an innovative range of masonry products that exhibit fire resistance.

Concrete masonry blocks offer a non-combustible and low thermal conductivity option for construction, resulting in slower burning fires, which allow building occupants to escape sooner and the fire to be contained faster. Suitable for both external and internal walls, these masonry blocks help prevent the spread of fire from building to building or room to room, limiting damage to the property.

Baines Masonry currently offers two types of concrete blocks for creating fire-resistant structures. Betta Block and Dense Weight are block systems available in various unit sizes and suitable for core filled and non-core filled applications. Recommended for both load-bearing and non-load bearing walls in various building projects, these blocks come with the material composition and specific unit dimensions optimised, tested and assessed to ensure fire resistance.

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