StoneFace blocks from Baines Masonry Blocks were used extensively on a new architecturally designed home in Werri Beach, NSW. The home has a rural setting with expansive views of the ocean. The use of Baines Masonry’s StoneFace blocks not only delivers a stunning stone finish to the building and frames the rural landscape but also addresses the sustainability focus of the architects’ vision.

The Werri Beach home features extra thick, highly insulated walls and retaining walls supplied by Baines Masonry. The insulated walls ensure the home is cool during summer and warm in winter while the retaining walls provide structural support and breaks against the ocean wind.

An innovative concept in architectural masonry, StoneFace blocks from Baines Masonry draw inspiration from the Australian landscape and Australian heritage buildings to create a unique and eye-catching stone finish.

StoneFace blocks are created by attaching a reconstituted stone face finish to the masonry block during the manufacturing process. The clean and stable finish lends itself to a variety of practical applications including feature walls, retaining walls, fences, thin bed mortar system, structural and non-structural, and commercial and domestic construction.