Baines Masonry Blocks  provides wall block products like Gardenstone, Garden Edge, Fencestone and Lockblock. Baines Masonry Blocks has obtained its patent property for these products in 2007 from Island Block and Paving in Tasmania.

The Gardenstone Wall Blocks are basically a smaller version of our Norfolk, which is also a product from Baines Masonry Blocks. These Gardenstone Wall products from Baines Masonry Blocks are cost effective and are approximately 60% smaller, with about 34.7 blocks per m2. Gardenstone blocks are made with void concave blocks for the bottom courses, easy to handle as it is lighter and has a solid capping block. The smaller size of these Gardenstone blocks is very much ideal for lower retaining walls and garden edging.

Garden Edge blocks is another product from Baines Masonry Blocks, it is a bi product of Tasman retaining wall system manufactured at Baines Masonry Blocks. The size of Garden Edge block is 200mm x 160mm x 60mm. Garden Edge products are cost effective and is available in different colours to suit customer’s choice.

Baines Masonry Blocks manufactures other blocks like Fencestone and Lockblock. The Fence Stone system is manufactured with a water repellent admixture to add to its quality and it could be used for small fences. As for Lockblock is manufactured at Baines Masonry Blocks and can be applied for walls, fences, privacy walls, dividing walls and fire rated non load bearing partition walls.