Bacto Laboratories  is a supplier of medical and technical laboratory equipment in Australia. Some of the major brands that it is associated with are Duran, Difco, Eutech, Falcon, Axyos and many more. Some of the products supplied by Bacto Laboratories are lab bags, timers and temperature measuring equipment.

Plastic waste bags from Bacto Laboratories include garbage bags, autoclave bags for heavy duty, radioactive waste bags and contaminated waste bags. These can be used as liners for plastic waste bins or general waste purposes. They are available in a number of sizes and dimensions. Plastic waste bins from Bacto Laboratories are the Guardian collectors, Clini-Bin and portable needle sharps collectors.

The major types of timers from Bacto Laboratories are the desktop timers, four channel timers, dual channel timers, pocket timers and stopwatch timers. They have distinctive feature such as loud beeps, soft keypads, cords to hang around the neck and accompanying alarm clocks.

Temperature measuring is essential in a laboratory. The products Bacto Laboratories supplies for this process are glass thermometers, dial thermometers, indoor outdoor thermometers, insertion thermometers, data loggers and transmitters.

Other products from Bacto Laboratories include weatherstations, glassware, chemicals and disinfectants.