Bacteria and Odour Control  provides bacteria and odour control solutions to residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Australia. Controlling odour and smoke emissions is a major priority for a number of manufacturers, food processing units, councils and even governments.

Bacteria and Odour Control provides its air purification system for the treatment of cigarette smoke in clubs and hotels. It also provides these air purification systems to reduce and diminish bacterial levels in food processing units. Dust and odour in factories and industries are also effectively removed by the air purification systems provided by the company. Bacteria and Odour Control has also successfully treated the sick building syndrome in a number of workplaces in Australia, with the help of its air purification systems. Bacteria and Odour Control offers customers with a free trial of its air purification system in order to prove its effectiveness. An advantage of the Bacteria and Odour Control air purification system is that it does not make use of any chemicals or toxic products. After the service is provided, there are no residues either.

Bacteria and Odour Control is committed to providing environmentally friendly services which are cost effective and reliable. The company has proved its success in a number of factories and industries in Australia.