BAB Aluminium is a specialist aluminium fabricator and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor aluminium seating, aluminium grandstands and tables and table settings.

BAB have particular expertise in design and fabrication of all kinds of spectator seating including design of spectator seating for indoor and outdoor venues such as Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

BAB manufacture School Seating, portable and fixed aluminium grandstands for use in Council Amenities, Parks and Playgrounds, Swimming Centres, Sports Centres and Ovals, Amphitheatres, Clubs and Associations.

BAB Seating and table settings are also used in BBQ areas, crèches and childcare facilities and in passive relaxation areas in Factories and Industrial zones as well as tourist and resort locations within Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the UK.

Seating can be made stackable, movable and/or storable. BAB Aluminium Seats are available in four sizes, Infants, Primary, Secondary and Adult.

Our Products are certified by a Structural Engineer ASA and are rated for cyclone conditions ASA.

Tables are available in sizes infants, school and adult. Products are certified by a Structural Engineer ASA and are rated for cyclone conditions ASA.

Table Settings from BAB Aluminium are cost-effective and sturdy. Units are either portable or can be bolted down.

Products are supplied in standard silver aluminium finish with brushed aluminium end capping or coloured metal end capping. Powder coated wood grain finish available or other colours available POA according to quantity required.

Orders will be sent flat packed in kit form for ease of transport. All Seating styles can be easily assembled and installed with standard tools. These settings are also used in Clubs, BBQ areas, Crèches and Passive Recreation areas in workplaces, factories and industrial zones.

BAB Aluminium seats, tables and grandstands require no special maintenance, and are easy to clean with a simple detergent. Special cleaning solutions are not required. We supply replacements for old plastic end covers on other seating brands provided the old seating extrusion matches our product.

Please contact us for your seating needs.