B & T Cranes  is a reputed manufacturer of cranes in the Australian market. The cranes manufactured by B & T Cranes are of good quality and are used in various industries.

B & T Cranes supplies cranes of different brands like Datenblatt, Kolliliste and Potrain. Some of the quality models form these companies are the HD 14 C, HD 40 A, GTMR 331 B, GTMR 346 A, MC 85 B, CM 75 A, 1250 CTY, 2560 TCK P12, 195hc Datenblatt, 195hc Kolliliste, 180.1hc and 180.2hc Datenblatt.

The CM 75A Cattaneo is a simple to use crane and offers high performance. The construction of the CM 75A is extremely rugged and hence it can be used for lifting loads in harsh environments.

The CM 75A does not have any electrical component on the jib and ion the high parts of the crane. The engine, limit switches, load limiting devices and the gearbox are all placed at the base of the crane to facilitate easy maintenance and adjustments. The crane also features electronic control of rotation along with inverter and counter manoeuvre control. An overload warning horn is also available.