B&R  specialises in the manufacture of enclosures. B&R has been manufacturing enclosures for about 50 years. These enclosures are available at cost effective rates and designed specifically to suit various individual requirements. Different enclosures from B&R have been manufactured according to industry standards. These enclosures include racks and cabinets. Comprehensive range of racks, provided by B&R, includes server racks, network racks, open racks, wall mounted racks, weatherproof cabinets and security cabinets. B&R also offers telecom solutions.

Server racks provided by B&R include Ausrack Plus Server series of racks. These server racks comprise of features including cable zones, inset posts, adjustable depth rails and frame with static load rating of 800 kilograms. Ausrack Plus Server series of racks, from B&R, have been specifically developed for server and data room applications. These racks possess total length of 19 inches that form a flexible computing solution. The adjustable depth rail of these server frames enables equipment of varying dimensions to be mounted with ease. Various features of these server racks include 17 cable entry points, extendable stabiliser foot, two point door locking system, lockable side panels, key lockable wing knob and available in textured matt black powdercoat finish.