B & R Enclosures  has been manufacturing and supplying quality enclosures for a number of industries like mining and mineral processing, infrastructure, information technology, switchboard building and electrical and telecom. B & R Enclosures also supplies its products to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

For the mining and mineral processing industry, B & R Enclosures has the Miner ME, Pilbara SP, EX, Hedland PH, Finucane and Incline SR range of enclosures just to name a few. Most of these enclosures are designed for high performance in extreme environments.

The products that B & R Enclosures manufactures for the information technology sector are various racks used in networking, racks for servers, and racks for various telecommunications applications.

For the domestic commercial industry B & R Enclosures supplies a variety of meter boxes, a series of panel boards. The group metering solutions that feature a range of seven enclosures are meant for multiple tenancy installations.

The roadside enclosures by B & R Enclosures are designed specifically to minimise vandalism. These roadside enclosures used to store sophisticated roadside electronics. They can also be configured and precabled to individual client’s specifications.

A complete range of enclosures is manufactured for telecommunications applications by B & R Enclosures. This range includes transmission racks for equipment installation inside telephone exchanges, and customer transmission racks with all accessories. B & R Enclosures can design and manufacture special enclosures to suit custom needs.