B & R Enclosures  manufactures enclosures for a number of industries. The enclosures that B & R Enclosures manufactures are also exported worldwide. There is a wide range of products from B & R Enclosures for the switchboard building industry.

These products are designed for switchboard builders and the comprehensive range of switchboard building products range from distribution boards up to type tested, modular, low voltage switchboard systems. Some of the brands available are Universal PB, Monarch SMB, Monarch IP and Signature SE. Most of these distribution boards are specifically designed for the industrial market.

B & R Enclosures also manufactures a number of high quality stainless steel enclosures. The Connector TE is an enclosure range of small enclosures and is used in installing terminations, push buttons or switchgear, and offers a greater level of protection for components in harsh environments.

The Incline SR features an innovative 30 degree sloping hood that significantly reduces the build up of debris and waste material. The range is ideal for local control stations, motor isolation control stations and mini control consoles.

The PE series is a range of double insulated general purpose enclosures that is available in 6 sizes. The enclosures are made from self extinguishing Glass Reinforced Polyester. The PE series enclosures are particularly suited for use in environments such as chemicals, solvents and corrosive agents.