B&H Australia , provider of audio visual solutions, offers a range of LCD screens manufactured by well known companies around the world. B&H Australia was the first company outside the US to be presented with the ICIA Dealership of the Year award.

B&H Australia’s LCD screens range includes models like Benq Liquid Crystal Displays, NEC Liquid Crystal Displays, Panasonic Liquid Crystal Displays, Pioneer Liquid Crystal Displays, Samsung Liquid Crystal Displays and Toshiba Liquid Crystal Displays. All models available can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or desk.

Home Theatre Projectors from B&H Australia include products from Benq and Panasonic. The home theatre models from Panasonic include PT-AX100E, PT-AX100E, PT-AX100E and Panasonic PT-AX100E. The PT-AX100E comes with a 200-inches diagonal screen that offers larger-than-life size images.

The Plasma collection at B&H Australia includes NEC Plasma Screens, Panasonic Plasma Screens, Pioneer Plasma Screens, Samsung Plasma Screens and Toshiba Plasma Screens. B&H Australia also offers a comprehensive range of projection screens, portable audio systems and accessories. There are two models of Mipro Portable Audio available from B&H Australia.