B&H Australia  is one of the premium audio visual companies in Australia. Formed in 1990, B&H Australia offers products and services relating to design engineering, project management, installation and maintenance, on site demonstrations and on-site training.

The product range at B&H Australia includes electronic whiteboards, LCD screens, lecterns, whiteboards, easels, home theatre projectors home entertainment, large venue projectors and ultra portable projectors. B&H Australia also offers plasma, video and audio conferencing, screens, TV/DVD/VCR, trolleys and portable audio systems.

B&H Australia is an innovator in the visual communications technology and offers individual solutions to clients for the classroom, reception area, home theatre, boardroom or the lecture theatre. The after sales support and the quality of products, design and service of B&H Australia are well-known across the country.

B&H Australia is the Australian distributor for Proxima, one of the major providers of new LCD technology. LCD panels are useful in developing multimedia projections for presentations and training. The Proxima DP2800, the first all in one data/video projector, was launched in Australia and distributed by B&H Australia. B&H Australia is also the exclusive distributor for Philips, ASK and Eiki multimedia projectors.