B.E.S Flowmeters  is a supplier of flow control products such as totalisers, flow computers, batch controllers, and indicators. B.E.S Flowmeters has been supplying its products to the Australian industrial sector since 1986.

Batching systems from B.E.S Flowmeters can be single or multi channel versions. They usually can be attached to flowmeters, batch controllers, preset counters and the like. One of the highest levels of accuracy in flow detection and control is provided by the GPI turbine flowmeter when attached to a Contrec 430D-10E batch controller. The B.E.S.900 batch controller can be mounted on a panel or metal enclosure mounted. A combination of the B.E.S900 batch controller and the RPFS flowmeter is ideal for water batching services. It is used mostly for fresh or recycled water.

Contrec instrumentation products from B.E.S Flowmeters have an auto restart and signal time-out feature which is very useful in flow detection. They have a dual relay and scaled pulse output system. These instrumentation products are equipped to print tickets that contain time and date. The most popular instrumentation product from B.E.S Flowmeters is the Contrec 214 batch controller.