B.E.S Flowmeters  has been a supplier of flow meters, control valves and instrumentation products since 1986. All B.E.S Flowmeters' products comply with Australian standards of design, quality and safety.

Flowmeters from B.E.S Flowmeters can be broadly divided into water meters, chemical meters, oil meters, air/gas meters, exproof meters and effluent meters. The brands available at B.E.S Flowmeters are Oval, GPI, Magflo, MPB and Woltex. Some of the popular flowmeters from the company are MPB variable area flowmeters, Macnaught M series, insertion meters, oval positive displacement and many more.

Some of the industrial accessories from B.E.S Flowmeters are electric control cabinets, stainless steel enclosures and ‘Y’ strainers. The stainless steel enclosures consist of a 45 degree sloped roof and an internally built gear tray. Hinges made of stainless steel and a lock completes the product. ‘Y’ strainers from B.E.S Flowmeters are available in a number of sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2". Enclosures from B.E.S Flowmeters can be built of any size and dimension as per customer requirements.

Other products from B.E.S Flowmeters are batching systems, instrumentation and control valves, turbines, auxiliary equipment and drum pumps for the industrial sector.