B.E.S Flowmeters  has been a supplier of flow meters, control valves and instrumentation products since 1986. All its products comply with the Australian standards of design and safety. Important products from B.E.S Flowmeters are batching systems, instrumentation and control valves, turbines, auxiliary equipment and drum pumps for the industrial sector.

The types of control valves from B.E.S Flowmeters are process system control valves, ball valves and speciality valves. Solenoid valves from B.E.S Flowmeters are available in a number of sizes and dimensions as per customer requirements. There are two way or three way valves in this range. They can be made of materials such as plastic, brass, cast iron or stainless steel. These are accompanied with coils that are ideal for AC or DC power supply. Ball valves from B.E.S Flowmeters can be accompanied with electric actuators. Speciality valves are used for applications of high temperature and pressure.

Drum pumps from B.E.S Flowmeters fall under the Flux brand name. Some of the major products in this range are Flux container pumps, Flux F417, F416Ex, F460Ex and many more. Most of these drum pumps are light weight, powerful and durable. Container pumps from Flux are used for the transfer and transport of chemicals.