B&D Garage Doors and Openers has introduced two new products that enable homeowners to keep their homes safe from burglars and intruders.

Garage doors are potentially a weak spot when it comes to home security. An open garage door can be an invitation for intruders – more than 230,000 home burglaries were reported in Australia last year alone with crime rates surging in many states.

Australia’s leading garage door brand, B&D has released two new innovative products designed to keep your loved ones and assets safe.

B&D Smart Phone Control Kit

The B&D Smart Phone Control Kit is a security Smart Hub that allows you to control and monitor your garage door via your smartphone or compatible device, regardless of your location – you could be home, at work, out shopping, on holiday and even abroad but you will still be able to control your garage door.

For instance, if you’ve left the house but can’t remember whether you closed the garage door, or you need to open it just a fraction to receive a parcel or let the dog in, you can use the B&D app to check instantly if your garage door is secure, or to open or close it.

The app also sends instant notifications to your smartphone whenever the garage door is obstructed or opened for an extended period, giving you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

The B&D Smart Phone Control Kit is available as an add-on for new rolling and sectional-style garage doors.

B&D Auto-Lock

The B&D Auto-Lock uses smart, keyless technology to automatically secure your garage door every time you close it with your regular remote control. Particularly recommended for homeowners who store valuable goods in their garage, the B&D Auto-Lock more than doubles the force required to lift the garage door from a closed position, making it extremely difficult for intruders to gain access to your property and possessions (based on a door using an engaged automatic opener).

The B&D Auto-Lock is available to order on all B&D Panelift sectional doors.

“As the largest door in the home, the garage door is a notorious weak spot in home security,” says B&D marketing manager Danny Collins.

“Not only is the garage often used to store some of the most valuable items you own, it can provide easy access to your home’s interior, which puts your loved ones at risk. With home burglaries in some states on the rise, keeping your home secure is more important than ever. Using cutting-edge technology, we’ve created two products that make it easy and convenient to keep the things that are most precious to you safe, even when you’re far from home,” says Collins.

Auto-Lock comes standard on B&D Panelift Icon garage doors and is available as an optional extra on B&D Panelift and StormShield garage doors. Auto-Lock can be installed on existing B&D Panelift garage doors when coupled with a compatible B&D opener.