B&D Garage Doors and Openers customised a smart garage door system for a new home located in the coastal community of Woody Point, north of Brisbane.

Having purchased the Woody Point beach house to transform it into their dream family home, the Mizikovsky family reached out to B&D to help create an aesthetic solution that could also survive the wear and tear from the harsh elements.

B&D’s national new housing manager Tom Hammond recalls, “We met on site and discussed how the garage door would have a great presence on the build, accounting for around 60 per cent of the facade of the home.”

Given how the size of the garage door would have a significant impact on the property, the brief was to create an integrated cladding sectional garage door system that allowed the door to merge with the facade, providing a seamless look to the home. The home’s proximity to the water was also an important consideration.

B&D created a customised, five-metre-wide door with an integrated cladding sectional garage door system. The door disappears into the facade, creating a seamless appearance on the home’s exterior.

The garage door uses a castellated batten material – a hard-wearing, sustainable resin/timber composite that doesn’t move like timber. The door is not only simple to maintain but also lightweight due to its moulded form. The garage doors are also available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

B&D has integrated the clever door design with the latest smart technology, allowing secure access control to the home via an app. This Smart Door solution provides monitored access to the garage, sending a message to the homeowner whenever the door is operated or obstructed. Residents can also use this app to open and close the garage from a smartphone anywhere in the world.

B&D garage doors help create the perfect blend of safety, security and convenience.