Azzurri Group  provides construction and development solutions for small scale and large scale construction projects. Azzurri Group offers construction design, planning and development services for commercial, industrial, sports, leisure and recreation, retail and residential constructions. Azzurri Group is rated as a mid tier construction organisation in the construction industry. Azzurri Group conducts onsite inspections for estimating the feasibility of the proposed construction project. Azzurri Group provides design advice to engineers, architects, interior designers, developers and builders with project management needs.

Azzurri Group offers construction planning and development services for multi residential development and retail and commercial development projects. Azzurri Group conducts feasibilities studies and prepares project development reports according to Councils controls and guidelines. Azzurri Group prepares development reports for industrial developments, commercial developments, medium density developments, dual occupancy developments, ancillary structures and residential dwellings. The project development report provided by Azzurri Group helps in taking the construction project to its design and execution levels.

Azzurri Group provides design, planning, development and project management services for small scale and large scale construction projects.