Azuratec  provides water management systems which reduces reliance on public water supplies. These water management systems are non-intrusive and easy to use systems which delivers real water savings.

Water management systems from Azuratec include rainwater harvesting, storm water detention and grey water recycling. Rainwater harvesting are discreet water systems and do not encroach on living areas.

Water management systems from Azuratec offer innovative water systems which are designed to fit seamlessly into modern buildings. Azuratec provide design and construction services to building companies. This service looks into all the aspects of home water conservation systems. During the planning and designing stage, Azuratec steps in to offer advice on specific water products that are needed. Azuratec also assist engineers and architects in preparing drawings for council areas.

Azuratec provide technical support to its customers on issues such as reviewing project plans and providing assistance on required system capacity and filtration needs. Azuratec has its own research and development resources which focus on new products and applications. This helps in providing comprehensive and customized assistance to customers to comply with council and building requirements.