Storm water detention system from Azuratec includes StormTanks which provide a new shallow draft and pit-to-pit solution for storm water detention. These water detention systems eliminate the need of expenses, hassles and the danger of requiring heavy lifting and deep excavation equipment. The water systems have an exceptionally shallow draft and invert level that is as little as 400mm. The small size greatly reduces the need for pumps.

Grey water is the soiled water which comes from hand-basins, showers and washing machines. Grey water recycling systems from Azuratec recycles approximately 60% of household water supply without any reliance on local rainfall.

The grey water recycling systems produce class A water which then can be stored indefinitely in toilets, washing machines, gardens, vehicle washing and other lifestyle activities.

The Oasis GT600 from Azuratec is a grey water recycling systems that reduces the dependence on fragile natural water resources. This recycling system is capable of treating an average household’s grey water needs and uses a high performance technology to produce clean, recycled water.

The Oasis uses up to 40% less energy without any unpleasant odours. The system’s compact and modern design can be fitted even under the eaves and garages.