SlabTank from Azuratec is a hidden rainwater harvesting system that offers drought-beating rainwater storage needs. These tanks are hidden within the house slab and give the option of allowing one to harvest, store and reuse the rainwater around the home whenever required. SlabTanks are available in almost any capacity.

Toroid Tank from Azuratec is an underground rainwater harvesting system which is also known as Donut and Bagel system. Toroid tanks are strong and easy to install and provides discreet and large volume water storage needs. These tanks are ideal for new and retro-fit applications and require only shallow excavation. This application eliminates the need for shoring work.

StromTank from Azuratec is a low maintenance, shallow draft water storage system which is build to meet the changing market needs. Grey water recycling system is yet another water storage system from Azuratec which recycles home water supply.

Water-saving devices reduce the amount of water consumption. In fact, the Victorian government offers incentives for purchasing and installing such water-saving devices in households. This rebate depends upon the size of the tanks purchased.