Axolotl has taken its involvement in the arts sector to a new level by committing as a Supporting Partner of Australia’s iconic program, Sculpture by the Sea.

A known innovator in surfaces and world class project management, Axolotl is currently focused on sculpting a reputation within the arts sector as the ideal partner for large art projects. The sponsorship of Sculpture by the Sea 2017 is part of this commitment to the arts.

Selected artists will receive a significant contribution in the form of materials and artisan support from Axolotl to help realise their vision for Sculpture by the Sea. They will be able to choose from the full palette of Axolotl surfaces including metals, stone, terracotta and glass, allowing them to reinterpret any surface into something completely unique.

Managing Director of Axolotl Art Projects, Kris Torma explained that the creative arts field was always a passion of the company, and the opportunity to support Sculpture by the Sea came at a time when they were looking for a way to provide support directly to artists.

Details of the launch of the 2017 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition will be announced soon.

Image: Zadok Ben David/ Big Boy/ 2016 Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2017. Photo Richard Watson