Axis Joinery & Glass  provides a range of windows, doors and joineries as well. Awnings, double hung windows, casements, roof light or skylight windows, sliding windows and bi folding windows are some of the products from Axis Joinery & Glass. Bi folding windows are available in two models namely straight and curved bi folding windows.

The range of architectural doors available from Axis Joinery & Glass include hinged doors, sliding doors, French or double doors, bi folding doors and stacking doors. The unique feature of the stacking doors is that, it consists of three door panels which slide into the wall cavity.

These windows and doors require less maintenance work as it is easy to clean and high performance glasses are available. These glasses provide sound, heat and ultraviolet protection.

Axis Joinery & Glass also manufactures a range of Fairview architectural joineries. These Fairview joineries are domestic and light commercial type. These joineries have a 90mm frame and are suitable for use during extreme weather conditions.

The Fairview joineries from Axis Joinery & Glass can withstand cyclones, heavy rain, winds and other weather conditions as well. These joineries are available in different styles and designs, which provide an aesthetic look to the residence.

The joineries are flexible for use and are custom made according to the requirements of the customers. The unique feature of these Fairview joineries is that, it takes moisture from inside of the windows and drains it outside.