Axis Joinery & Glass  specialises in manufacturing architectural aluminium doors and windows. Axis Joinery & Glass is also known for producing architectural glass work. Axis Joinery & Glass undertakes the construction and design services using aluminium and glass, for renovating, building and extending homes or commercial premises. Maintenance and repairs are also handled.

The product line of Axis Joinery & Glass includes windows and doors, glass, glass fencing, enclosures, security screens and shower screens. Glasses of all types, sizes and shapes such as clear float glass which is a tinted glass, patterned and feature glass and laminated and toughened safety glass are available. Frameless glass, insulated glass with heat and noise control and special glass with low emissive and reflection are also provided.

A range of joineries for windows and doors including high performance architectural joineries, commercial joineries and value for money domestic joineries are also available from Axis Joinery & Glass.

Axis Joinery & Glass offers security screens and enclosures as well. Welded security screens are available from Axis Joinery & Glass, which provide better protection than the ordinary security screens. These welded security screens offer enough time and warning to the users, while still allowing enough air and breeze to enter. Variety of designs and options are available under security screens.

Enclosures to improve the living conditions of homes by preventing insects to enter are another product from Axis Joinery & Glass. Three types of enclosures are available such as screened enclosures, wind breaks and glass enclosures. See through stainless steel doors and mesh screens are the latest products available from Axis Joinery & Glass.