Chainwire fencing, from Axis Fencing Group , is an ideal material for providing an efficient and economical fencing solution around a wide range of sites and properties.

Chainwire fencing provides security and protection for the home, adds value and enhances the appearance of the property. Durable chainwire fencing is free to maintain and is resistant to attacks from insects and pests. It is also an ideal material for the control and protection of pets.

Commercial and industrial sites use chainwire fencing for protection against vandals and intruders. The strong open weave construction allows for full visual control of small and large areas. Chainwire fencing is also available for all types of gates from standard hinged single and double gates to large sliding gates to suit any application.

Chainwire fencing is the ideal solution for sporting enclosures, including tennis courts, cricket nets, baseball screens and discus nets. It is available in galvanised finish to PVC coated green and black colours.

The applications of chainwire fencing include:
• Security fencing
• Security gates
• Y top fences
• Cricket nets
• Tennis courts
• Softball or baseball nets
• Pipe railing
• Handrails
• Storage enclosures
• Garage dividers
• Internal fencing to warehouses

Weldmesh fencing is also designed to suit the budgets and is a cost effective alternative to tubular fencing. It comes in various styles, sizes and heights to fence off a pool and garden area.