The flush finish door jamb system, the Ezy Jamb is a split-type jamb that is manufactured from cold rolled steel with a patented profile to produce a strong and secure assembly.

Available from Axiom Design , Ezy Jamb flush finish door jambs are simple to install and require no special maintenance. They are available in two sections that fit neatly together and provide adjustability in wall thickness.

As Ezy Jamb door jambs are flush finished they can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixings, achieving simple clean lines around the door face.
With reinforced edges Ezy Jamb overcomes the continual damage that door jambs are exposed to.

The system is complimented by a range of door hardware, doors and levers also in the Ezy range:

  • Ezy reveal
  • Ezy Cav
  • Ezy Cap
  • Ezy skirt
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