Axent  offers road traffic products such as advanced warning displays, arrow boards, ramp metering signs, speed detection radar signs and vehicle activated signs to name a few.

The advanced warning displays are efficient in highlighting unexpected road conditions, traffic conditions, public events and unseasonable weather to the driver. High quality LEDS are used for these warning displays and it can be fitted to other static or electronic road signs.

The arrow boards from Axent are lightweight, highly visible and are suitable for use during extreme outdoor weather conditions. The arrow boards consist of light pixels which make a right, left and double headed arrow.

The arrow boards can be controlled using either smart controller or simple controller. The former has LED display with status information, while the simple controller is much smaller, can be easily fitted to car dash and has limited functions.

The electronic speed limit signs from Axent are widely used in school zones, highways, freeways and shopping centres. This system helps reduce accidents and traffic during peak times.

Another traffic product from Axent is the speed detection radar signs. These radar systems employ VMS technology and laser radar detection devices, which are efficient in displaying traffic conditions, vehicle speeds, warning alerts and road conditions.

Axent also offers trailer mounted radar systems which are portable and can be used in traffic management situations. Over height detection, another product, has infra red sensing devices which indicate the driver regarding immediate accident or danger.