Axent  is an electronic engineering company which specialises in the development of road traffic systems and LED based systems. Axent offers road traffic systems such as electronic speed signs for road users on highways, schools and tunnels. These systems help to improve the traffic flow and create a safe environment for road users.

Axent offers a range of custom information systems according to the needs of the customers. Matrix advertising boards, Venue session displays and Industrial information displays are some of the information systems available from Axent.

Axent manufactures electronic matrix boards for various applications such as advertising, industrial information and video boards, time and temperature displays. Range of options are available including single line, multi line displays or matrix layouts and different colour formats are also available.

Axent offers indoor electronic displays for professional presentation and easy viewing. These electronic displays can be single line or multi line layouts and are available in different sizes and configurations. These electronic displays are controlled using wireless ethernet, ethernet or hard wired.

Axent offers industrial information displays such as safety signage, product status displays, visual alarm systems and ad hoc message displays as well. The safety signages are used to display safety report statistics while visual alarm systems is a matrix display used to alert workers by displaying certain safety icons. Ad hoc message displays are used to display work related information in warehouses.