Awnings R Us , an awning company specialises in the production of sunshades, canopies and outdoor leisure facilities. The product range of Awnings R Us includes fixed shields, leisure tables and chairs, light shields, garden shields, garage shields sunshades, anti theft doors and windows and foldable shields.

These products from Awnings R Us are widely used in dining halls, villas, coffee shops, bars, holiday resorts, swimming pools, schools and sea side resorts.

Awnings R Us provides the membrane structure series that are used in a variety of locations including gymnasiums, commercial entertainment areas, exhibition halls and petrol stations. The membrane structures are very lightweight and allow natural light to flow through. During summer, these structures provide protection against harmful ultra violet rays with the help of the polypropylene acrylic fibres.

These membrane structures are fire retardant and have high intensities. The membrane structures from Awnings R Us also last for a long time.

Camp series from Awnings R Us is a foldaway awning which is available in two models such as, iron pipe spurting and aluminium alloy. These awnings are small, lightweight and easy to carry. Camp series is suitable for leisure places and outer wall of complex buildings, and these foldaway awnings are also easy and simple to operate.