Luxaflex Folding Arm Awnings are retractable fabric shades that extend out from the building from Awnings, Blinds and Shutters by Sunteca .

The awnings can be set at any angle between horizontal and up to a 45 degree sloping angle and cover an area up to 17 metres wide and project out to 3.6 metres.

Folding Arm Awnings need no posts or vertical supports and therefore the area is clear and unobstructed.

Luxaflex Folding Arm Awnings are ideal for outdoor entertainment areas like eateries, beer-gardens, cafes, pool areas and courtyards.

The fabric used to make Folding Arm Awnings is 100 percent acrylic made from a light weight yarn. It provides maximum flexibility, strength, minimal shrinkage and is resistant to tearing.

The awnings are operable with a manual crank-drive operation or a remote controlled electric motor. The motorised operating system can also be supplied with a sun, rain and wind sensor that automatically extends the awning when it is sunny and retracts it in windy or rainy conditions.

A manual over-ride option is available so that in case of a power failure the motorised system may be manually operated.