Award Pools & Landscapes  specialises in pool designing and landscaping solutions. Award Pools & Landscapes offers a wide range of pool styles with various features that exceeds the expectation of the clients. Award Pools & Landscapes also provides pool renovation solution and pool maintenance services for commercial and domestic swimming pools. Award Pools & Landscapes offers complete pool solution that meets all safety standards and specifications.

Pool styles from Award Pools & Landscapes includes formal, natural free form, geometric, lap, weir, indoor, commercial and spas. Award Pools & Landscapes creates swimming pools with various features which include coping, decks, steps and ledges, rocks, beaches, waterfalls and other structures which add value to the pools.

Award Pools & Landscapes provides pool renovation services which involve cleaning, landscaping and providing additional features to enhance the appearance of the pool. Pool maintenance follows certain steps which include adding sanitiser in the evening instead of adding it in hot sun. Landscaping of area around pools enhances the beauty of the pool. Award Pools & Landscapes creates a stunning landscape around the pools.