AW Bell Australia  offers an innovative range of moulding and metal casting solutions. AW Bell Australia performs in-house flow cast and solid cast analysis in order to allow for optimisation by simulation of the flow and solidification of molten metals during casting processes. A runtime change of the metal is made by gating, running systems and pouring techniques. Solid cast and flow cast analysis limits lead times and minimises casting defects like cold-shuts and porosity.

AW Bell Australia provides in-house processes which facilitate various levels of accuracy and finishes for cost-effective production. Metal casting of parts with moderate to complex shapes are effectively achieved by sand casting rather than by fabrication processes. Superior dimensions are produced by using investment castings and surface finish qualities are achieved by using sand casting method.

AW Bell Australia specialises in fulfilling distinctive tooling needs. AW Bell Australia has exclusive tool making facilities for providing complete tooling solutions. AW Bell Australia follows wide range of technologies which include CNC machining, CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and patternmaking to deliver perfect solutions for tooling needs.

AW Bell Australia is a supplier of premium quality tooling for production, sand-casting, Disa machines, wax injection-moulding, gravity die-casting and other industries.