AW Bell Australia  was established as a patternmaker in 1952. AW Bell Australia manufactures complex metal parts by sand casting and investment casting processes and produces premium quality products. AW Bell Australia provides additional machining process in order to achieve a greater tolerance of the components.

AW Bell Australia produces wide variety of components and is flexible in the production of large quantity of parts with advanced technologies. An appropriate methodology is selected to meet the desired output in less time.

AW Bell Australia handles investment casting process for manufacture of parts from low to medium volume with wide range of metals including mild steel, stainless steel, silicon, aluminium, silicon brass and zinc. Investment casting is ideal for production of metal parts of thin wall section, complex shape and fine surface finish. Combination of automated and manual practical experience makes AW Bell Australia successfully deliver even complex parts.

AW Bell Australia is specialised in sand-casting process which is ideal for the production of parts with enclosed shapes which require coring. AW Bell Australia provides precision finishing of casting that meets tolerance requirements. AW Bell Australia handles continuous and batch production of large and small parts.