AVTEC Consulting introduces the PTP 2013 Programmable Telemetry Processors, telemetry and telecommand front-end processing solutions, linking spacecraft uplink/downlink with the ground segment.

These highly versatile Programmable Telemetry and Command Processors (PTPs) are specifically engineered for use in remote tracking stations, satellite operations centers as well as spacecraft integration and testing in factories and launch pads. The 2013 PTPs provide a control and status interface for encryption/decryption equipment designed to support missions that employ bulk encrypted telemetry and command streams.

The PTPs act as gateways between spacecraft uplink/downlink and distributed satellite control systems and perform a range of TDM or CCSDS telemetry processing functions, including frame synchronization, error control coding, and time tagging.

The PTPs receive commands from the control center for real-time uplink to the spacecraft, or for scheduled transmission (when the PTP is in store-and-forward mode). Thee processors have also been designed to perform all CCSDS telecommand processing, including COP-1 functions and to provide local command probe verification and command echoes for command verification at the control center.

The following are the key features of the PTP 2013 Programmable Telemetry Processors

  • CCSDS/TDM telemetry and telecommand processing - complete solution from RF to network
  • Interface with COTS satellite control software packages
  • Space Link Extension (SLE) provider and user services
  • Integrated KG control/status
  • Integrated data quality monitor and bit error rate test tools