The emergence of the outdoor entertainment area as a focal point of the home has led to a demand for outdoor speakers. Avico Electronics , suppliers of quality audio accessories, provide outdoor speakers featuring an aluminium grille, polypropolene cones (most are made from cardboard and steel), stainless steel screws and corrosion resistant mounting brackets, all of which ensure the device will not rust or deteriorate in sound quality.

Outdoor speakers from Avico Electronics have been specifically designed and manufactured to suit the Australian climate. They can be installed outdoors and be subjected to rain, wind or sun without the risk of deterioration in sound. These outdoor speakers can also be installed on a boat as they are also impervious to salt winds.

Avico Electronics provide models such as the AOS203, AOS237 and AOS279, which are identical in design and resilience but offer variations in performance. The AOS 279 delivers 150 watts of power, a 6.5 inch polypropylene rubber surround woofer and a frequency response of 50-20,000Hz. Each speaker measures 192x279x192mm and weighs 2.7 kilograms.

All models, irrespective of size, have a 180 degree adjustable swivel bracket, making them suitable for outdoor entertainment areas such as pool surrounds, pergolas, boats and courtyards in residential and commercial settings. Each of the outdoor speakers is unobtrusive in design and white in colour.

The AOS237 model has a 5.25 inch polypropylene woofer, 120 watts of power and measures 163x237x160mm, with each speaker weighing 1.9 kilograms. The smallest model, the AOS203, has a 4 inch polypropylene woofer, 100 watts of power and measures 135x203x136mm, with each speaker weighing 1.4 kilograms.

Avico Electronics recommend the AOS279 model for most installations with the smaller sizes suitable for those wanting to install the speakers on balconies of apartments and other confined areas. These models are available from most electrical retailers, audio/visual outlets and department stores.